Tecla Murphy

It’s time! May 1st marks the beginning of OutLook’s 14th year. It is one of the Bay’s most popular and sought-after publications. Its success is of course attributed to the skill, creativity and unending commitment and support of its writers. Coming from all over the country – Vermont, Virginia, California and Utah – to name a few – but even Glasgow (yes, that’s in Scotland). It has brought a very diverse group of writers together. Our success rests on their shoulders for their tireless commitment, creativity and the unending challenge of creating new and often thought provoking articles.

But ‘tis time to move on so’s to continue with the growing success of a publication that focuses on the exciting, challenging and rewarding part of our advancing years. With this issue the torch will be passed, and it will be put into the capable, skilled and well qualified hands of Jason Whong. Younger, perhaps quicker, very creative and with an impressive background in publishing, he will be a shining star who will take the helm and bring this much-loved pub to a whole new level. So let’s allow Jason to introduce himself – our new editor and publisher.

I’m pleased to take the helm of OutLook, and I am especially grateful to Tecla for building the publication for the past 13 years and making it something you like to read. I also appreciate the kind words and high expectations.

Jason Whong

I’ve been a journalist since 2001, in roles such as writer, reporter, photographer and editor. The journalism I enjoy the most is the kind that serves a community and really connects with the audience. I’m excited to bring this enthusiasm to OutLook.

Any time there’s a change in management, readers can expect some change to the publication as well. I’ll try to keep these changes gradual so they don’t feel jarring.

I’m hoping to introduce new voices when I can. In this issue, you may notice the cover story — about how physical exercise benefits your brain — comes from an expert on the subject, a physician and professor of psychiatry. We’ve also got an item about the periodical cicadas (whose songs may even be audible as you read this) from the Bay Journal, a news publication that covers environmental issues in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

You may also notice more striking images in this and future issues of the magazine.

I’m also planning to update OutLook’s website soon.

As the new publisher, something that’s on my mind is, well, wanting to know what’s on your mind. You may have seen an ad on an earlier page in this magazine asking you to take a survey on our website. I’m asking you to take this survey because I want to know what you think about OutLook. I want to know what you like about it, and I want to know how you think it could be improved.

Please visit outlookbythebay.com/survey and let me know what you think. Or, drop me an email at [email protected]. (Yes, my email address ends in .media.) Your feedback will help me guide OutLook into the future.

Another benefit of filling out the survey: as we begin the slow exit from the global pandemic, OutLook is planning some events in Maryland, and it will be easier to let you know about these events if we’re able to email you about them.

Enjoy this issue of OutLook by the Bay.

P.S. There’s a best practice in editing that says you should try all the recipes before you print them. I freely admit that I have not tried the parmesan ice cream recipe that Joyce M. White shares in this issue on page 29. But I am planning on trying to make it sometime this summer. Maybe you’ll beat me to it? If so, drop me a line and let me know.

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