Legal Insights

Words from one of the Bay’s most personable and savvy lawyers.

TechKnow Challenge

Bringing the 21st century into the lives of the technologically disadvantaged.

Books: Old, New and Obscure

Reviews of popular and not so popular titles from the past to the present

Straight from the Heart

Dear Vicki gives guidance and advice to the perplexed Bay Boomer.


Our often challenging and lots of fun acrostic puzzle.

OutLook for the Bay: Last Words

A column dedicated to the preservation and awareness of the future of the Chesapeake Bay.

Bay Entertainment

What’s new and happening and not to be missed in the Bay area.

Healthy Living

Tips, tricks and new ideas on improving and maintaining your health.


Menus, entertaining and fun seasonal parties to create and enjoy.

Bay Gardening

Ideas for planting, maintaining and planning the Bay garden.

Bay Living

Places to see, things to do, information you may need to know for more enjoyment of the Bay area


Better living and better food choices for a healthier, happier, longer life.

Finance and Funding

What you need to know to protect your future and the future of your heirs.


Helpful travel information of places to visit or just to dream about in the Bay area and beyond.

Boomers in Business

Entering a second career and loving it – Retirees who won’t retire.