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Creepy crawlies by the Bay

We all like earthworms, right? OK, maybe not all of us. But they do have a lot going for them. They till and fertilize our garden soil. They make terrific bait for fishing — think night crawlers. They prop up the robin population. And they’re fascinating to watch. But it turns out that earthworms aren’t […]

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Jeff Bezos is looking to defy death – this is what we know about the science of aging

Daniel M Davis, University of Manchester Jeff Bezos is on a mission to conquer ageing. He has just recruited Hal Barron from GlaxoSmithKline to help lead Altos Labs, the ambitious new anti-ageing company with billions of investment. So what does science really say about this? Could we beat ageing? You can listen to more articles […]

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Four ways older adults can get back to exercising – without the worry of an injury

Exercise is important for maintaining muscle mass. Tom Wang/ Shutterstock Helen Branthwaite, Staffordshire University We naturally lose muscle mass as we get older. This process starts around the age of 36, and by the time we are 80 we’ve lost about 50% of our muscle mass. Long periods of inactivity can also cause us to […]

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Routine and growing gracefully

Our routine often creates clashing contrasts: comfort and dissatisfaction; security and danger; confidence and restlessness; delight and regret; process and immobility; skill and artlessness. These clashes, however, don’t usually pose a threat to our existence. They are just a part of our daily cycle. The comfort of ordering the same Starbucks latte as we’re out […]

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Here’s how to prevent dehydration

Just as we faithfully water our gardens, so too must we hydrate our body. Every living creature needs water to survive. Drinking enough water every day is good for overall health. Did you know that water is our body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 50% to 70% of our body weight? Every cell, […]

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Five ways to increase protein intake as we age

We actually need to eat more protein as we age. Monkey Business Images/ Shutterstock Katherine Appleton, Bournemouth University and Emmy van den Heuvel, Bournemouth University Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet. It helps us build and maintain strong muscles and bones, helps us better recover from illness and injury, and reduces likelihood […]

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Loss of muscle mass among elderly can lead to falls, and staying put during the pandemic doesn’t help

Falls are the No. 1 cause of accidental death among people 65 and older. A loss of muscle mass contributes. Real People Group via Getty Images Roger Fielding, Tufts University Older adults are at much higher risk of death from COVID-19 than their younger counterparts, but many also face another, less recognized health risk associated […]

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The wily coyote

What’s that running across Route 2? In the Friendship area of Anne Arundel County, a coyote trots across the road. Coyotes ventured east from the Great Plains of the Midwestern states. In 1972, the first coyotes in Maryland were spotted in Cecil, Frederick and Washington counties. Since that time, they have taken up residence in […]

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Book review: Coffee Killed My Mother

“Coffee Killed My Mother” is the story of an eccentric mother and her quirky teenage daughter’s East Coast road trip in search of the perfect cup of coffee — and the sometimes emotional but always memorable adventures the pair encounters along the way. A first-time novelist, Donna Koros Stramella is a lifelong Marylander who sent […]

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Book review: The Sweetness of Water

Nathan Harris’s debut novel is about Reconstruction: both the era following the Civil War and how we construct and reconstruct relationships. Old Ox, Georgia is a wooden sidewalked town of stores and homes, now filled with the tents of freedmen and whites returning from war with nowhere to go. George Walker lives with his wife […]

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Book review: Love’s Orphan

Fans of Game of Thrones, Outlander, and other similar period pieces will appreciate this medieval tale of royal treachery and unrequited love. The story begins in Regensburg, Bavaria in the year 1251 and immediately pulls the unsuspecting reader into the heart of the fictional drama. From there, the political intrigue is captivating and remains so […]

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OT, the rescued turtle

David has a pet eastern box turtle named OT, short for Old Turtle. When David saw OT for the first time, he noticed that the turtle’s nose was bubbling. That meant the turtle was sick! So, David took the turtle to a veterinarian. After medicine, the turtle got healthier, but it was not clear that […]

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Golf and writing

I write for the same reason many of my fellow retired septuagenarians play golf. We have the time to do what we want with our lives. I am passionate about my writing, and serious golfers are passionate about their sport. I am reasonably good at writing but rotten at golf. It is not that I […]

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