By Penelope Folsom

            If like most boomers, you’re in an ongoing battle to stave off the effects and signs of aging, give these tried and true suggestions a whirl and see if you don’t feel better and look better too.

1. Get Moving. How many times have you heard that before? But are you doing it? All the great gurus who know about such things are now saying it can be as little as 10 minutes a day. Thirty minutes is better, of course, but what’s keeping you from doing it? Need some inspiration and a few facts to back it up? Log onto

2. Stop the fast food and eliminate all sugar. And if it came out of a can, don’t eat it. Try preparing your food from scratch. It’s fun, it’s creative, it’s healthy. Do it.

3. Get Social. There have to be people out there that you like. Get to know them and make new friends with the people with whom you share a common interest. Social people live longer.

4. Learn something new. You’ve got the time. Take up something you’ve only wondered about before. Do you have a secret desire to dabble in oil paints, learn Chinese or play the violin? Do it. The goal doesn’t have to be Carnegie Hall. Do it for sheer pleasure and keep those brain cells from dying off.

5. Volunteer. There are more than enough places that would love your help and where you could share your field of expertise. Search for endless opportunities.

6. Take your vitamins. You’ve read all the studies, now all you have to do is apply their conclusions. Vitamins are not doing you any good sitting on the kitchen shelf.

7. Give up bad habits. You know the ones. Too much TV, smoking, driving too fast, sleeping too much, drinking more than you know you should, snacking and sitting too much. Try turning over a new leaf and get your life under control.

8. Don’t retire from life. Find something that peaks your interest and embrace it.  Become active in the Boys and Girls Club, raise dogs, tutor a child or teach a course somewhere — at a local college or senior center or on a cruise ship would be nice

9. Clean up and clean out. Look around at all that stuff you’ve acquired over the years. Now all it’s doing is weighing you down. It all needs dusting, cleaning organizing or repairing. Why not get rid of it? Give it to some well-deserving young person or a shelter that could use it. It’s freeing to declutter. For help go to

10. Keep up. Learn the latest technology. Embrace all the crazy ever emerging electronics. If you’re not familiar yet with the iPhone or iPad, go get one and find a 10 year old to show you how to use it. It will open up a whole new, exciting and challenging world. Stay abreast of current events. Read more.

It’s time to take charge of your life and there isn’t a better occasion than now.  If it helps, join a group or find a like-minded friend. This is the time to take charge and get going. Procrastination is not an option when it comes to good health and long life.

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