OutLook by the Bay is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the interests of the active Maryland senior.  Our mission is to inform our readers on issues that directly pertain to them, such as lifestyle, finances, health, nutrition, housing or activities. Our writers use an upbeat and informative style, always presenting a positive approach to life. We have columns devoted to health, fitness, interesting finds, gardening and discoveries in the Bay area.

Articles that will be considered for OutLook need to be upbeat, motivational – if applicable, chatty/conversational, entertaining and informative.  The reader is typically over 50, retired or a part-timer.  He/she has disposable income, is active and curious, travels and is often involved in volunteer work.  The reader needs to come away with a positive feeling of “I can do that,” or “I didn’t know that” or “sign me up.”

Aim for 600 words, or 1200 for a longer article. The author should include a two sentence bio with email address for comments or correspondence. Writers should not insert tabs or extra spaces at he start of a paragraph, or insert extra lines between paragraphs.

Please note that at this time we are not accepting poetry or short stories.

Payment for accepted articles will be made on publication.

Articles or pitches should be emailed to [email protected]

Articles are generally due about six and a half weeks before the first day of the month for the issue. So, for the November/December issue, articles would be due around the middle of September.

Editorial Calendar and specific topic guidance

Each issue of OutLook by the Bay tries to include information about fitness, entertainment, gardening and nutrition.

Articles about Marylanders who are doing new things in retirement or who have had interesting adventures or accomplishments recently or earlier in life are welcome.

Articles generally about Maryland (history, places, wildlife, etc.) are also welcome.

Additionally, we accept articles related to the theme of each issue:

January/February: Senior travel
March/April: Gardening
May/June: Money Matters
July/August: Fun on the Bay / Active lifestyles
September/October: Home and garden
November/December: Holiday fun