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Holiday 2021

In the Holiday 2021 issue of OutLook by the Bay, read articles about the evolutions of Santa Claus, Snow Tubing, the evolutions of Santa Claus, and more!

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At the Edge of the Jordan

What waits us after this life? This extraordinary book, though written as fiction, is built upon hundreds of real near-death experiences, and includes more than 20 pages of footnotes. The author’s considerable research is what makes this book so relevant. The fictional story is what makes it relatable. Most of us have lost someone dear […]


How do we live with love, with beauty, with betrayal, with loss? Meredith Hall’s “Beneficence” is the tale of a stretch of land, its farm and its family. The story of three generations of the Senter family covers three decades (1940s-1960s). It is not a guidebook for how to survive tragedy, but sheds light on […]

Emily’s House

“Emily’s House” is an enjoyable novel for adult readers of any age. But I view it as a book worthy of consideration for mature readers who may wish to learn more about the challenges teenagers may face in 21st Century America.