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Book review: Coffee Killed My Mother

“Coffee Killed My Mother” is the story of an eccentric mother and her quirky teenage daughter’s East Coast road trip in search of the perfect cup of coffee — and the sometimes emotional but always memorable adventures the pair encounters along the way. A first-time novelist, Donna Koros Stramella is a lifelong Marylander who sent […]

Book review: The Sweetness of Water

Nathan Harris’s debut novel is about Reconstruction: both the era following the Civil War and how we construct and reconstruct relationships. Old Ox, Georgia is a wooden sidewalked town of stores and homes, now filled with the tents of freedmen and whites returning from war with nowhere to go. George Walker lives with his wife […]

Book review: Love’s Orphan

Fans of Game of Thrones, Outlander, and other similar period pieces will appreciate this medieval tale of royal treachery and unrequited love. The story begins in Regensburg, Bavaria in the year 1251 and immediately pulls the unsuspecting reader into the heart of the fictional drama. From there, the political intrigue is captivating and remains so […]

Book Review: Buoyant: What Held Us Up When Our Bodies Let Us Down

Local author Dotty Holcomb Doherty promised her friend Janet that she would write Janet’s story. Janet and Dotty had met as many of us do, through their children; Janet’s and Dotty’s daughters were in Girl Scouts together. Their bonding deepens in a kayak on Duvall Creek, five years after Dotty started leading the scout troop, […]