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Book review Poker, Politics & Presidents

By: Ralph W Crosby Anaphora Literary Press (2023) “Poker, Politics & Presidents” is not a book I would normally read. I am a 95% fan of fiction, mysteries in particular. But I was looking for something different to read when my editor asked if I had time to review a book written by local author, […]

Book review: A Filthy Way to Die: Collected Memories of the Vietnam War

By Ed Linz Exchange Publishing (2023) History has not been supportive of either the origins or the rationale of American involvement in the Vietnam War nor of its legacy a half-century later. Author Ed Linz takes the reader back to what is fast becoming a distant, perhaps forgotten era. The wartime lives and experiences of […]

Book review: Zorrie

by Laird Hunt Bloomsbury Publishing (2021) Zorrie, by Laird Hunt is a brief but deep and beautiful portrait of a woman from the last century. However, Hunt’s desk side companions of authors Herodotus, Virginia Woolf, Gustave Flaubert, Michel Montaigne and Anne Frank indicate the themes are timeless and universal. This is a story of orphaned […]