Close your eyes and keep reading this column.

Neat trick, huh? If you did it, What did you imagine I wrote?

If you thought it was about Thanksgiving and other holidays, you were right.

This year, I am thankful for my family, my friends, and for everything that keeps me going.

Did you know that expressing gratitude is associated with mental and physical benefits? Maybe you’ll sleep better, you’ll feel better, and maybe you’ll be less likely to be affected by depression, all for being thankful.

Can you spend some time each day being thankful? I’m going to try harder.

In my house, we celebrate Christmas. I have many memories of Christmas as a happy time. Though I was delighted as a child to receive many gifts, I remember feeling especially blessed that my grandparents could host such large family gatherings.

Time has a way of making it harder to convene the same groups of people that I remember from decades ago. Some have moved farther away; others have passed away. But still we celebrate and get together.

My hope for you is that even if circumstances make it harder for you to celebrate holiday traditions like you used to, that you’ll find a way to be connected to others and make the best of it. You might feel happier for having tried it. Who knows, you might even feel grateful about it!

Be well,

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