Special Gifts for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day

By Penelope Folsom

      This year, how about a gift for mom or dad that will keep on giving? The following is a list of favorite sites offering treats delivered to their door for either a few months or the entire year.

1.    Log onto www.TryTheWorld.com for a full description of gourmet treats from around the world. A different country is represented every other month with a box of goodies.

2.    How about a once-a-month puzzle for the jigsaw enthusiast. At www.whitemountainpuzzles.com the focus is on the recipient’s interests and includes choice of subject matter, number of pieces and size.

3.    There are many selections for hobbyists such as fishing www.mysterytackleboxcom and knitting www.knitcrate.com or cooking www.houzz.com the last of which is a wonderful source of interesting gadgets.

4.    Remember Book of the Month Club of years ago? Two new sites have adopted a similar concept, focusing on the reader’s particular interest. Log onto www.giftlit.com or www.brilliant-books.com to sign up.

5.    Always a welcome gift is a subscription to the local newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, the Sunday edition of the New York Times or any favorite magazine. A good place to start would be www.Amazon.com

6.    For the ladies www.forthemakers.com will send out supplies and detailed instructions on making a piece of jewelry or fun bling that would be hard to live without. For men, try the beer of the month club at www.beermonth.com

7.     If there’s a traveler in the family, access www.travelofthemonth.com to get the full schedule of upcoming trips. Based in Boston, www.showofthemonthclub.com not only features the show of the month, but interesting and far-flung trips to such places as Morocco, the Amalfi Coast and Kenya.

8.    For a treat a bit less ambitious, how about a scrumptious box of chocolates each month. Log onto www.Godiva.com for a taste treat hard to beat.

9.    At www.whiteflowerfarm.com you can arrange to send out either flowers or plants each month. Your choice. Sign up for 3 to 12 months or more.

10. Hiking. Not necessarily a once-a-month jaunt, but there’s sure to be an irresistible escapade somewhere on the program for your favorite adventurer. Sign up the recipient at www.PATC.com where you’ll find a full calendar of coming attractions.

There are lots more that will fit other interests such as breakfasts, tea, movies, Mrs. Field’s cookies, bath and body, coffee, popcorn, pizza, hot sauce, carnivore club for meat eaters or just about any other special interest. And if that’s not enough, or your favorite hasn’t been mentioned, log onto www.clubsgalore.com for even more.









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