Art in Historic Stevensville
By John Church

Art is vibrant in Historic Stevensville. That’s the first exit on the eastern side of the Bay Bridge. Close to the Rustico Restaurant, artists thrive in several studios. Marion LeMoal and Maureen Bannon work in oils and watercolors there next to photographers, potters, jewelry makers and other artists using various mixed media. Many of the artists retired from a first career and are now well-established in this art colony. Most are members of the Kent Island Federation of Art (KIFA), the Chesapeake Art League organized by Jeanne Noble or the Island Arts, a co-op organized by Joan McWilliams. These artists work hard to perfect their work and aim to receive county designation as an Arts and Entertainment (A&E) District. Look for Historic Stevensville on Queen Anne’s County TV “Two Minutes of Tourism” in the near future.

Some of the coming art attractions in Historic Stevensville:

“Art Stop Saturdays” on the first Saturday of every month. KIFA and all art shops in Historic Stevensville will be open, from 10 am to 3pm or later. Refreshments will be served and flags will be flying. This event is fully sanctioned by the Kent Island Arts and Entertainment District steering committee!

“Art in the Square,” a second annual event to be held during the Kent Island Days Celebration on Saturday, May 16. This is a Chesapeake Art League Event to raise awareness and donations for the A&E District project. Check the “Starving Artists Bake Sale.”

“Art in the Park,” in the green behind the Cray House on Saturday, June 20, rain or shine.

“Farmer’s Market,” June through September, also behind the Cray House, on the first Saturday of the month, which is also Art Stop Saturday. Spaces available for artists. Painting En Plein Aire.

Artists at Work at Jeanne Noble’s studio, features her paintings, prints by area photographers, plus creative glass decorator pieces, and a bronze sculpture or two.

Island Arts, the co-op) that opened in June 2008, has 24 members, many of whom are enjoying a second career in art. Joan McWilliams keeps Island Arts busy and interesting, with regularly scheduled workshops, and each month there’s a co-op member “featured artist.” On occasion a distinguished Bay area artist will visit and talk to the co-op members.

Stevensville traces its origins to a 1694 land grant. The historic district was put on the National Register in 1986. It’s a great place to visit. And don’t forget to stop at Peace of Cake, the baker?

John Church, a US Air Force retiree, has been an avid photographer for over 30 years. He has photos on display at Island Arts and Artists at Work. Currently living in Davidsonville, he can be reached at [email protected]

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