This is a great recipe for a party or as a snack for oneself. (Photo by Catherine White)

I love to cook. However, the joke in my family is that, if I’m cooking, the meal will always be at least two hours later than I say. They joke with love. I think. They’re also not wrong.

One of my favorite easy peasy dishes to make, especially during summer and, particularly, if I want to include kids, is fresh fruit with a light and tasty fruit dip, that will have your guests (and helpers) wanting to lick the bowl.

Below is my family’s version of, what’s probably, a pretty common recipe. It’s a great one to do with children because it’s relatively mess-proof (unless you’ve got a real wild one on your hands), and they will love that it’s so easy they can make it on their own.

All the ingredients needed to make a light and tasty summer snack. (Photo by Catherine White)

I remember my sense of accomplishment at making simple meals on my own as a kid. Learning how to boil hot dogs, make a grilled cheese, create a colorful fruit bowl (with a yummy dip), and most of all, help my hardworking, single Mom raising three children, by taking some of the smaller tasks off her plate, instilled me with a healthy sense of self confidence and reliance.

Whether you’re looking for an easy, fun recipe to do with kids, or just to throw together for a social gathering, or even for yourself, this fruit dip is an option that never misses.


– 1 package French Vanilla instant pudding (feel free to play with the flavors – chocolate, pistachio. etc.)

– 1 cup of milk (Any kind)

– 1 package of Cool Whip (I use Extra Creamy but any brand or option works)

Combine the pudding and milk and stir until it thickens, then add the entire tub of Cool Whip and stir.

Note: I grew up in the 1970s so, my family’s recipe calls for Cool Whip, however, homemade whipped cream works, too. You can also add cream cheese to give the dip some richness and weight.


– Catherine White is a freelance writer, editor and amateur creator of pretty good eats, who loves cooking and sharing the kitchen with friends and family.

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