What waits us after this life? This extraordinary book, though written as fiction, is built upon hundreds of real near-death experiences, and includes more than 20 pages of footnotes. The author’s considerable research is what makes this book so relevant. The fictional story is what makes it relatable.

Most of us have lost someone dear to us, some even at a young age like the story’s main character, Aislinn. She was only 20 years old when she lost her younger sister to a freak accident. A short while later, as she is beginning her married life, she also loses her grandfather, who was her guide through the grief and her rock of support. While Aislinn has not completely lost her faith, she has serious doubts about a loving God. Her new husband, Dave, while not a faithful church member, has that faith and trust, and lives life in a more peaceful, happier, state than Aislinn.

On their honeymoon, Aislinn drowns in a surfing accident. When her soul leaves her body, she finds she is suspended in a peaceful darkness, and is not afraid. She knows she is surrounded by divine love. Next, she finds herself in a beautiful landscape with a bridge. She encounters two guides: first her grandfather, and then Jesus, who guide her through “heaven” and explain the answers to many of her deepest spiritual questions.

The love and peace that come from God pervade all her experiences in heaven. However, she also gets a glimpse of what hell is and learns that it is never the Creator’s plan to leave anyone there. To stay or leave hell is the individual’s choice — all they have to do is look up and ask for God to help them. The angels and spirit guides are waiting and rejoice when that happens. She also learns that we are never alone in this life, that there are angels and spirit guides with us, and, if we are attuned, we may feel their presence.

In the end, Aislinn must return to her earthly body and finish out her life here. Though she is unhappy to be leaving heaven, she is drawn by her love for Dave. She has had the answers to her deepest questions answered and is sent back to show others the path to peace and happiness.

In a fresh approach, the author has portrayed the source of light and love, as well as anyone with human understanding is able to do so. This is a book for anyone wondering what life is really about. It will give the reader a greater appreciation of our purpose here and what awaits us afterward. If you ever questioned what life will be like after this one ends, I would say this gives a convincing picture and alleviates all fear. Forget the traditional stuff you’ve learned in the past and read this with an open mind and heart. This book is truly Spirit inspired.

At the Edge of the Jordan

By Leah Chrest; Thesan Press (2021)

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