Sometimes the most mundane events can have an unexpected, larger-than-life impact on those involved. Take, for example, a walk in the park as Bill Sharkey, a 45-year resident of the Annapolis area, can testify. One afternoon, Sharkey and his granddaughter were chasing a gaggle of geese and trying not to step in their “leavings” along the way. A conversation between the man and child ensued and Sharkey’s first book, “Can You Put Diapers on a Goose?” was the result. The colorful children’s book explores the idea of various animals wearing diapers and what that would look like.

Bill Sharkey’s second project, “Can You Put Diapers on a Giraffe”? explores that possibility, stretching the idea a bit further. The action takes place at the Zoo, a place where beautifully drawn characters, a little girl, and her family, observe many colorful breeds of animals to answer the little girl’s all-important question, “Can You Put Diapers on a Giraffe?” To answer the question, the giraffe studies a ladybug, a monkey, a toucan, a frog, and a spider.

In this book, Sharkey tapped into his fifty years of ongoing experience as a professional Anne Arundel County educator working with children in kindergarten through 12th grade. Based on his training, the author has a well-founded insight into young minds, their needs, and their wants. With that in mind, in this book he has included teaching moments for parents and grandparents to use, that mesh well with the entertainment aspect of the story.

Sharkey’s stories are inspired by a grandfather’s simple interaction with his granddaughter. New in book two is a well-planned Teacher Lesson Plan that consists of objectives and goals with more than a dozen hands-on activities to promote valuable grandparent/grandchild conversation well beyond just the reading of the story.

The new book will be the second in a series of stories that continue to explore the question of diapers. He uses the same characters, as well as some of the animals, to establish continuity and pave the way for more adventures to come. Sharkey’s third book is already in production. The teaser? Can you picture a giraffe flying in an airplane with his head sticking up and into the clouds? Or riding through the city in a convertible with the top down?  

As to the question, “Can You Put Diapers on a Giraffe?” you’ll have to read the book to a deserving youngster to find out! Sharkey’s books are available for purchase directly from Park Books and Literacy Lab in Severna Park, or online at


By Bill Sharkey

Sharkey Books (2020)

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