Fans of Game of Thrones, Outlander, and other similar period pieces will appreciate this medieval tale of royal treachery and unrequited love. The story begins in Regensburg, Bavaria in the year 1251 and immediately pulls the unsuspecting reader into the heart of the fictional drama. From there, the political intrigue is captivating and remains so from cover to cover. The action remains continuous as the story of two unlikely lovers unfolds against backdrops of battles and betrayals among the nobles of 13th century Bavaria and Austria.

When Duke Frederick of Austria was killed in battle, the traditional rules of succession indicated that his eldest son would be named heir to the duchy, the House of Babenberg. However, the Duke had but one child, a daughter. Now the reluctant Duchess Elsea Babenberg is forced to face her responsibilities despite her lack of willingness to do so. As a young woman inexperienced with men and the ways of her all-male counsel, and feeling used for their personal gain, she slips helplessly into the depths of despair.

The author, J.C. Wilson, brings the Duchess Elsea to life with realism and passion. His physical description of her is not one of great physical beauty. In fact, quite the opposite, so to add even more layers to the complexity of this main character’s story, and yet another obstacle to clear from her path. Wilson describes Elsea’s low self-esteem in detail to give the reader an unobstructed view of the beauty inside this woman who considered herself so unremarkable on the outside.

The fantasy continues with the introduction of a second character who is equally important in this saga as Elsea’s personal protagonist, Prince John of Bavaria. Or is he? And what of his manservant Charles? And what piece of the puzzle does Duke Otto lay claim to?

The political intrigue takes a dangerous turn as wealth and power threaten the peace and safety of the people of Austria and Bavaria. As the Duchess of Austria struggles to maintain control of the duchy, she has no choice but to accept the offer of help from the man she had come to know as Prince John of Bavaria. An unexpected guest at Babenberg House with dangerous secrets of his own, all is not as it seems.

Wilson’s characters are wholesome yet believable. The hero and heroine have depth that is relatable to further immerse the reader in the story. The plot rolls like a roller coaster with twists and turns galore, and an ending that leaves you breathless.

J.C. Wilson is a first-time novelist who lives in Anne Arundel County with his wife. He has 2 sons and 7 grandchildren. Wilson is a Christian educator and teacher who enjoys hunting, camping, sports, and of course, writing. Love’s Orphan by J.C. Wilson is available on

Love’s Orphan

By J.C. Wilson; John C. Wilson (2019)

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