By Nora Roberts
Putnam Trade (2011-2012)

It’s been a long decade since bestselling novelist Nora Roberts penned her intriguing Inn Boonsboro Trilogy. The trilogy is a clever series of character-driven plots that continue through all three books: The Next Always, The Last Boyfriend, and The Perfect Hope.

Roberts tells the tale of a prominent, hardworking, ambitious family: a very smart, business savvy matriarch and her three very capable and very eligible sons. The Montgomerys’ make their living through hard, hands-on work. The Boonsboro Inn, found nestled at the base of Maryland’s South Mountain, is the heart of the town that bears it’s name, and the heart of this American family’s story as the Montgomery brothers accept the challenge to renovate the historic hotel.

The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy begins in The Next Always, with the eldest of the brothers, Beckett Montgomery, a talented architect, charged with the task of revitalizing the old inn with a much needed face-lift. It is Beckett who takes the lead making sure his younger brothers carry their share of the load, appeasing his mother and her flair for home décor and design with up-to-date progress reports, handling construction and supply issues, and trying to have a social life, if you call eating pizza and drinking beer at the local hangout. No wonder his love life was nonexistent, although he had to admit, someone special had caught his eye …

The Last Boyfriend, the second book in this series, explores the life and habits of middle son, Owen Montgomery, who manages the family’s successful construction company. A natural organizer, Owen takes his responsibilities very seriously, determined that the work stays on budget and is completed as scheduled. He would open the Inn on time, as planned, period.

Like his brother Beckett, Owen appreciated a good pizza pie chased by a cold beer and what better place to indulge than the town’s only pizzeria, catty-cornered to the Inn. But he had an ulterior motive: the attractive woman behind the counter.

The story continues in the third and final book in the Inn Boonsboro Collection, The Perfect Hope. Ryder is the youngest Montgomery brother and the least sociable. Hard on the outside and soft on the inside, Ryder is the most difficult of the three men to understand. Ryder is most comfortable when wearing his tool belt happily completing construction projects at the Inn.

But he wasn’t too busy to notice the newly hired hotel manager from out-of-state.

The Inn Boonsboro Collection has romance, intrigue, betrayal, and a ghost! Nora Roberts fully immerses her readers in the very credible lives of her characters. She introduces the reader to the minor characters they associate with in detail, and paints vivid pictures of the scenes where the story plays out.

Although the Montgomery Family and their associates are fictional, the town of Boonsboro, the Inn Boonsboro, and Vesper’s Pizzeria are quite real. Roberts actually renovated and owns the Inn Boonsboro, a very popular Bed & Breakfast — and Vesper’s really is catty-cornered, just across the street. Nora Roberts lives in Boonsboro with her husband, who owns and operates Turn the Page Bookstore, featuring his wife’s books, directly across from the Inn.

The Inn Boonsboro Collection is available from or visit her official website at for a complete list of her novels.

— Sharon Schultz

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Sharon Schultz

Sharon is a writer/photographer and a proud “Bay” Boomer from Anne Arundel County and can be contacted at [email protected]