There’s been a lot of great comedy teams, from Laurel and Hardy and Rowan and Martin to Cheech and Chong and Democrats and Republicans.

Now there is Jim and Jack. I’m Jim, a retired newspaper reporter and humor columnist and Jack is Filomena Jack, an artist and life coach. We both live in Elmira, New York. That’s us in the photo.

I write the columns and Jack illustrates them to add a visual layer of hilarity. The columns are posted weekly on my Facebook page on Sundays, and some are picked up by publications throughout the Northeast region.

You will be seeing more of them in this publication in the future. We hope you enjoy our work and some good laughter. 

Jack lives with her husband Tom and their dog, Dulcie-May. Jack is a creative fountain of artistic beauty, ideas and compassion. She paints portraits, still life and murals on the sides of buildings.

“I paint not just what I see, but I also indicate the sounds, smells and breezes, and the passing shadows around me,” Filomena says.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography and sculpture from Jersey City University. She worked as a corporate software trainer in the Big Apple, where she discovered that she could use her creative skills to make software writing fun. Today she makes life more fun, as a photographer, quilter, life coach, teacher, author and painter.

I’m a retired reporter and humor columnist with the Star-Gazette newspaper in Elmira, where I live with my wife, Shelley, and our dog, Kody. I studied biochemistry at Elmira College, taught environmental education and creative writing classes, and I’m a river kayak guide.

I’m a Boomer who writes about the humor, absurdities and irony of day-to-day life, growing old and comparing today to my younger days, at least the ones I can remember.

Tagline: Get more Jim Pfiffer humor on his Facebook page, and his blog, FullOfWit. To learn more about Filomena Jack, see her artwork and contact her, go to

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