10 Best Cool-Off Treats for a Hot Summer’s Day

Short of dangling your legs in the neighbor’s pool, one of these suggestions may work for a quick cool off!

1. Have homemade popsicles tucked in the freezer – they’re not just for kids and you can use whatever ingredients you like, including a fruity yogurt or any fruit juice that you have on hand.

2. Chilled watermelon cut into bite sized pieces or whirl pieces in the blender with a few ice cubes for a slushy cold treat.

3. Lemonade that you’ve made with fresh squeezed lemons.  (Easy recipe: 3 cups water, 3 lemons juiced, 1/4 – 1 cup sugar – your choice as to how sweet.  Combine and chill).

4.  Homemade iced tea that you keep chilled and ready in the refrigerator.  Serve over ice cubes made from above lemonade.

5. Have frozen blueberries or grapes on hand for a quick pick me up.  Kids love these too.

6.  Make a fruit slush out of oranges or peaches  or bananas or any combination of your favorite fruits.  Add one part milk or yogurt to four parts fruits and a handful of ice cubes – whirl it altogether in the blender for a refreshing and healthful drink.

7. You know how we’re never getting enough water – well in this heat, now’s the time.  Help yourself to a mega-mug of water with lots of ice and a slice of orange or lemon or lime.

8.  Eat smaller meals like a cool fruit salad for lunch or chilled shrimp and a pasta salad for dinner.

9.  Iced coffee with whipped skim milk on the top and a dusting of cinnamon. If calories aren’t an issue add a couple of tablespoons of vanilla ice cream.

10. And for the pièce de resistance there is nothing like homemade ice cream.  An electric ice cream maker is easy to use, not expensive and you can create your own recipe.  Try using whole milk instead of cream – think of the calories you’ll save.  Make a basic vanilla and add fruit such as blueberries, chopped peaches or strawberries.


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