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Since I began publishing the magazine in the Spring, I’ve worked to make the website better for readers like you.

The biggest change: I’ve gone back to posting individual stories from the magazine to the website. The last time readers could find articles from the magazine posted directly to the website was in 2015, before I was editor and publisher.

Jason Whong

The old website had mainly digital copies of the magazine, which is fine for the “digital paper” reading experience, but not ideal for those who prefer to browse web pages on their computer or smartphone.

One benefit of posting stories this way is if you find one that you think friends should know about, you can share it from the website to social media as quickly as you can click a button. (You can also copy and paste the web address of the article.)

I think you’ll find lots to enjoy in this issue. Maybe you’ll want to share a story about the kitten that hijacked Carol Mills’ camping trip to Point Lookout (page 6), or the story of how Lucia St. Clair Robson was wounded, nonviolently, by a nun holding a machete (page 14) or David Fogle’s dedication to preserving historic sites in Maryland and around the world (page 20). Perhaps you want to read about what it’s like to participate in a Tough Mudder obstacle race (page 22), need to know how to back up data on your computer (page 26) or want to learn why garlic is great for your diet (page 30). This is my third issue, and so far, each new issue is my favorite one. This is a good trend! If you know of a story we should be writing about, please let me know by emailing [email protected].

You may recall that in the Spring issue, I mentioned that I was planning an OutLook by the Bay event to occur later in the year. With the coronavirus pandemic still causing problems both locally and around the world, we’re going to wait for a bit. One way you can learn about what we’re planning without having to wait for another issue of the magazine is by signing up for email from us.

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Another development: we’re exploring less expensive ways of mailing the magazine. One method we’re considering would cause some addresses to be removed from future mailings.

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