We’re emerging from winter, and the snow it brought. It’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the outdoors are calling!

In the Early Spring issue of OutLook by the Bay, you’ll find something that will inspire you to take advantage of the improving weather. Gardeners, take note: there’s much to read about planting a gnome in your garden (page 22,) the intangible benefits of gardening (page 36), growing vegetables indoors (page 25), or even making salads with historic Maryland recipes (page 20).

Not to be missed: Vicki Duncan, who usually writes the Ask Vicki advice column, went on the road to the newly reopened Museum of Historic Annapolis (page 26). Find out why she had to pinch herself after seeing it!

Ellen Moyer tells us about two Annapolitan leaders, Anna Greenberg and Dick Callahan, who made a difference to so many people they touched (page 14.) Kathi Edwards tells us about Bill Gray, president of a new organization that helps older adults figure out what’s next after retirement.

Carol Bergfeld Mills introduces us to David Fine’s pet turtle, who lives in a kitchen and sometimes sports yellow tape on his shell for visibility enhancement (page 28).

Also new in this issue: you may notice that some of the articles use a slightly larger typeface than we have used in the past. We weren’t able to do this for all of the articles, but we did it on some of them. Please let me know if this makes reading easier, or if you don’t even notice a change.

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The most impactful way you can help keep OutLook at 48 pages, or make it larger, is by subscribing. Starting with this issue, I’ve changed the price to whatever you feel like paying. The suggested price remains at $24.95, but you’re welcome to send less, or more, if you want. (Maryland residents, please include 6% sales tax.) You can do this by mail using the form on the inside front cover, or on our website at outlookbythebay.com.

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