It’s hard to believe it’s already 2024.

That’s OK. Time flies when you’re having fun. And I hope you’re all having fun with people you like and people you love.

Here’s what I’ve done in the past few months with people I love: I had a great gathering for Thanksgiving with family members I haven’t seen in the same room in what seemed like ages, thanks to the pandemic. Being with them marked another step back toward normalcy. Part of our family also had a Christmas gathering right afterward.

I’ve also started playing a board game — Risk Legacy — with my son, who is 11 years old, and some other friends in the neighborhood. He’s a few years younger than the recommended age of 13, but I am confident he can figure it out. The way the game is designed, we will be altering the game board and other parts of the game as we play it, and in response to our actions, making it truly our own game.

I’ve been getting ready to become cubmaster for my daughter’s Cub Scout pack. That’s a big undertaking. I have already been her den leader. Wish us luck – my first time running a camping trip for all the families in the den is coming in 2024.

Shortly after Christmas, my dad called me with a computer problem that I couldn’t resolve over the phone, so I drove out to see him that afternoon. I fixed his problem, much to his relief. I reflected on how this wouldn’t be possible if I still lived two states away. I’m glad I could step up.

Getting back to family gatherings – there’s an invitation to gather with family in this issue, in an article about making a family cookbook on page 12. Editing this article reminded me of my own family’s cookbook, filled with the recipes of my dear great-grandmother. I’m happy to share one of her recipes with you on page 13.

I hope with this issue, you may feel inspired to reconnect with someone, because time hurries on.

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