The year is off to a great start, mostly. That “Risk Legacy” board game I told you I was playing with my son last issue? We’ve played 8 times; I’ve won three, he’s won two, and our neighbors have won three. That’s an average of two wins per player. The standings are close! Meanwhile the board, cards and rulebook have had many stickers stuck to them, making it almost unrecognizable as Risk.

We went camping recently, and he helped some younger scouts build a survival shelter out of branches, grass and bark. Unfortunately, there’s a time for everything —a time to laugh, a time to cry — despite our desires for happy times. Our family’s cat died. This cat was older than my oldest son, so we all experienced some grief over it.

If I were to become too sad, I would try to cheer myself up without medication. Running and yoga can both help with that. Read about it on page 6. Another way to cheer up is reconnecting with family. We’ve got a story about Maryland grandparents who took 18 family members to Canada to make some great memories. That’s on page 24.

Sometimes getting into something new helps keep us busy enough that we forget sadness. We’ve got a story about taking up the practice of sailing on page 16.

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