Scrabble Flash: the Transportable Game
By Cindy Rott

     Scrabble Flash is a fast, fun, portable game. All that’s involved is to move the five electronic cubes to make different words — with all due haste. Each cube is smaller than a deck of cards and every time you play, a different letter is displayed on each of the cubes. Form a word with each letter cube touching and you’ll see the letters flash, which lets you know your word has been scored. Hurry! Form your next word, the timer is ticking.
Scrabble Flash comes preloaded with three different games. The first challenge is to make as many words as you can with the same five letters in 75 seconds. If you are lucky enough to make a five-letter word, five bonus seconds are added to your game. It’s a bit tricky as two-letter words are not accepted. However, for such a little game, it has a vast dictionary of “acceptable” words.
     The second challenge is called Five Letter Flash, the trick here is that every word has to use all five-letter cubes. Every time an acceptable five-letter word is made, new letters magically appear. This is the version that intrigues and/or stumps me the most. It’s amazing how easily you can lose with the simplest of words. The letters: “U,N,E,C,O,” really challenged me until I unscrambled those letters to spell “OUNCE” at the last moment.
The final game is a head-to-head competition with another player. Each player unscrambles a five-letter word and then passes the cube to next player who gets five new letters. Players are eliminated as they are unable to decipher the answer. What’s maddening is that there is always a word to be spelled and usually it’s a word in your vocabulary.
     Often we leave the tiles on the kitchen counter and everyone who comes through finds themselves having to play ‘ just once.’ The game is ready to play out of the box, with batteries already installed and with its own convenient carrying case. Scrabble Flash is just a little larger than a TV remote and can be easily tucked into a bag or glove box to play on the go. Each game is just 75 seconds, so it’s a great “time filler,” when you are waiting at a restaurant or doctors office or during those delayed flight times at the airport.

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