By Edree Downing

     Are you still acquiring holiday treasures?  Those charming little knickknacks that once a year need to be unpacked and then packed up again? Maybe it’s time to start distributing some of that collection, which each year becomes more and more of a problem to store. We had a lifetime of Christmas decorations that filled 10 large bins at my house.  For the last five years we’ve been doling out our collection bit by bit.  My family loves receiving the different pieces that were used during their childhood.  And then we all enjoy the telling of where a particular decoration came from as there is invariably a story that goes with it.

     Not only do we have a fair share of holiday collectables, but over the years we’ve accumulated quite a nice assortment of holiday books.  Many of these have been inscribed with a note from the gift giver, which makes them even more special.  This year we’re passing on The Little Match Girl that godmother Suzan inscribed with a nice Christmas message more than 30 years ago and A Christmas Carol from the children’s grandmother, which will have to be taped as the pages are falling out.  Sorting through and passing these timeless classics on to our children’s homes will allow them to read and enjoy them with their children.  And a real plus is that during our Christmas visits we get to read them to our grandkids. It’s a win-win situation all around.

     As meaningful as some of the holiday collection has been and as much as we’ve enjoyed it over the years, we have found that we’re enjoying these treasures a lot more because others are storing and loving them.


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