Unique Gifts for the Holidays

By Kathryn Marchi         

          Time and time again, the question arises during this gift-giving time of year, “What can I get for someone who has everything?” Aunt Susie has enough scarves, jewelry, perfume and lotions and Uncle Herbie has enough ties, socks and after-shave. It’s safe to say that friends of our generation usually have everything they need or want. 

          The first order of business is to have a discussion with folks about beginning a different way of gift-giving for this holiday season. It may well be that others are just as confused about what gifts to purchase as you. 

          The following is a list of a few suggestions for gifts that are a bit different for those special people who seem to have it all: 

1.  Make a charitable contribution to a favorite charity in their name and ask that they do the same for you if they choose. Check out www.charitywatch.org

2.  Purchase a gift certificate to a beauty shop, nail salon, yoga lessons or a full beauty treatment at a local spa.

3.  Give a pair of tickets to a chorale holiday concert at www.qachorale.org or www.annapolischorale.org or to a symphony concert at www.bsomusic.org or www.annapolissymphonyorchestra.org or to any of the local theater productions or even a movie theater. If you want to spend more, consider season tickets. 

4.  How about a special interest subscription such as European travel or saltwater fishing. For a variety of choices go to www.Amazon.com

5.  Order a food product for use during the holidays such as smoked salmon from Alaska, www.ovenheadsmokers.com or a Virginia-cured country ham at www.virginiatraditions.com or for a wider choice, go to www.giftbasketsfordelivery.com

     There are many companies out there who prepackage foods or fruits and will send these items for you. But you can also be creative on your own. For example, that wine-loving friend might love a basket or cooler filled with wines, wine glasses, cheeses, crackers, a wine opener or a cheese knife, along with unique cocktail napkins.

     For friends who love to play bridge, fill a fabric bag with playing cards, tallies, pencils, books for scoring and handy playing tips and matching napkins. Baskets and other appropriate containers filled with all sorts of goodies are always a great gift; just choose a theme according to your friend’s interests. 

6.  If flower arranging is your talent, purchase a holiday bowl and put in your own design of fresh evergreens. And most people don’t mind receiving these gifts early since they can be used right away for the holidays.

7.  Purchase a lovely baking dish and fill it with a delicious casserole that could be frozen ahead of time). Other homemade food items such as cookies, jams, pickles or special sauces can be placed in decorative dishes and given as gifts as well.

8.  Set up a “service” such as house cleaning, window washing, landscaping and general lawn and garden chores for use whenever needed. (If applicable, some of these services can be done by children for either parents or grandparents.)

9.  Instead of giving a gift certificate to a local restaurant, make out a certificate for a special lunch or dinner or in your own home. Choose a menu and print it out as if it were from a “gourmet” restaurant.

10. Games. There are so many choices out there and many geared toward adults, such as UpWords or Table Topics or even chess. 

          There are many more ideas out there for unique gifts and you can be as creative in the way you present them as you like. Many people simply like having a package to open no matter what is in it. Any of the above can be put into a brightly wrapped box with a bow on top to please them. 

          You know your family and friends, so get creative and come up with a gift that will be enjoyed and used instead of placed in a drawer or on a shelf. 

Kathryn began her creative and unique gifting last year with her “friends who have everything.” Donating to favorite charities was tops on the list, but the smoked salmon she received from Bay of Fundy, was a delicious addition to holiday parties.

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