A Welcoming Home, Maybe it’s Time for a Fresh Look!

By Jean Phillips

          They say your home tells more about you than words ever could. Maybe that’s because our homes allow us the unique freedom to surround ourselves with our favorite colors, textures, objects and memories.  When was the last time you decorated your home?  Maybe it was five years, 10 years, perhaps 20 years ago?  You probably were relieved to have that job completed and thought you could rest on your laurels and move on. 

          But as time has gone by, your needs and taste might have changed a bit.  You might have begun to tire of your color scheme, especially when you have seen in the decorating magazines the exciting new colors available on the market.  That old coffee table seemed OK some years ago, but now you realize that a new one would really give the family room a boost.  Possibly you’ve wanted to replace that lamp on by the chair for quite a while now.  There might be an antique chest in the attic that you would like to incorporate into your room, but could never decide just where to put it.

          You might have contemplated a second home, downsizing or even trading up from your current home.  Refreshing your present home might give you a lift right now just when you need it most. A few changes and updates can really make a difference, particularly with the new colors and updated fabrics.  Something as simple as the addition of new throw pillows on a sofa covered in a new fabric can give a room a fresh and updated look.  Here are a few of the latest trends for your home to get you started. 


  • GRAY:  In all its shades from palest to darkest, gray is going to be the new color for 2011.  While earthy colors continue to be popular, gray and neutral colors bring a sense of tranquility to a room, and are a great base upon which to layer more intense color.  Gray hues will not only be used in paint and wall colors, but will be popular for furniture and fabrics. 


  • HOT PINK:  This color is expected to be all over the place, including clothing and furniture.  With names such as “honeysuckle” or “pink flambé,” pink will be popular with designers.


  • WALLPAPER:  Wallpaper styles popular in 2011 are bolder than in the past.  There are endless choices — embossed, embroidered, paintable wallpaper, metallic and a variety of textures — to bring interest to any room or even embellish part of a wall.  And this could spark your interest: manufacturers have even created outdoor wallpaper which can be used on a garden trellis, screening or as a decorative feature to create design impact. 
  • NATURAL MATERIALS:  Burlap is big, along with other natural fibers and materials.  
  • WORDS:  Home decor with a message, literally.  Poems and parts of poems are popular on fabrics and furniture. 
  • INDOOR-OUTDOOR: The trend is to bring the indoors out with deep seating comfortable furniture in a variety of weather-friendly materials.  This should spark your imagination: hang a chandelier and curtains and put a rug on the floor of your deck without fear.  This is possible with materials now available. 
  • GLAMOUR:  Hollywood glamour is still in vogue, especially if it’s vintage.  Retro chic is still glamorous. 
  • ANIMAL PRINTS:  Animal print patterns are still with us in interior design.  
  • NEW KITCHEN:  There is less of an emphasis on a total built-in standard cabinetry look.  The trend goes more toward a stand-alone furniture look. 

          If you’re looking for a refreshed or new look in your home, these are just a few of the new trends for 2011.  Why not make this year the year to create a more attractive, comfortable and efficient home.  If it feels daunting, there are professionals out there to help. Not knowing where to begin, many of us never start.  

Tatiana Beckham and Jean Phillips are interior designers, home stagers and e-decorators.  They can be reached at [email protected] or 443 871-3642 or visit their website at www.staging-to-sell.net    


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