How the electric blanket saved my marriage….

By Cindy Rott 

So if you are like most couples you and your significant other don’t agree on the ‘correct’ temperature of the house…..During the day my husband and I fiddle with the temperature, depending on who is doing what, but not a big deal—but whoa, watch out at night we have huge differences…

I absolutely cannot sleep if it’s too warm in the bedroom, and my husband ‘claims’ he can’t sleep if it is too cold….For years we would move the thermostat up and down at night, finally sort of compromising on whoever went to bed last could set the temperature….Which would result in me getting up in the middle of the night if I wasn’t last to bed to readjust things. It was impossible for me to sleep if the room became too hot.

It seemed that neither of us was ever well rested.  And then one day, after much discussion, we broke down and bought an electric blanket. We bought the most luxurious one we could find, soft, static free, light weight and most importantly, it had dual controls!  From the very first night we turned it on there was a huge improvement in the quality of our sleep.  No longer do I suffer through what felt like a night in the tropics.  Now we are both getting the best night’s rest we’ve ever had.  It’s comfy, it’s cozy and we each get to choose our own setting.  My favorite part on these cold fall nights is to preheat the bed for 15 or 20 minutes before we snuggle in for the night —no more icy cold sheets for us.  And then just before I go to sleep, I shut my side off.  That’s right – off and my husband snoozes comfortably with his side on high – we’re both happy.  In an attempt to conserve energy we set the thermostat way down to 58 when we turn in at night.  Not only is this an energy saving decision but studies have shown that keeping the heat turned down will prevent nasal passages from drying out, which could possibly keep one from being so susceptible to colds.  The money saved on heating an entire house all night is I’m sure substantial but saving our marriage and my sanity, while living with a husband from Florida, is what’s most important.  A night of a restful and rejuvenating sleep is worth the small investment we made in our dual control marriage saver.


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