By Kater Leatherman
          In these changing times, it seems as though having enough  space  is fast becoming a rare commodity.  We just don’t seem to have enough of it.   When life feels like a juggling act of obligations, to-do lists and pressure to keep up, one has to wonder what is happening.  
          One of the biggest robbers of  space  is the onslaught of technology.  What is supposed to save time actually compels us to cram more in.  Another culprit is filling the  space  in our minds with stuff like projections, expectations, fear and negative thinking.
          To illustrate the benefit of having  space, take a print ad.  Have you ever noticed that the ones with the most white space are also the most effective?  The same goes for the rare television commercial that uses no sound.  Why?  Because less is more.  And, how about our home?  Letting go of clutter energetically opens up valuable  space   and makes us feel lighter.                 
          So, whenever and wherever you can,  space  is worth the time it takes to carve out because it increases efficiency, reduces stress significantly and allows us to enjoy life more.  
          Here are eight ways to create more  space
          1.  Set priorities to create more time.  Do what’s most important to you.  Let go of guilt because you’re not doing enough. Drop self-imposed obligations and remember that not all will get done.      
          2.  Center your attention on the here and now.  Focusing on the past or leaning into the future crowds precious mental, emotional and spiritual  space.
          3.  Maintain a clutter-free home environment.  Let go of anything that is high maintenance, comes with painful memories, or is useless, outdated or broken.       
          4.  Heal your past by dealing with trigger reactions as they come up in the present time.  Living with unresolved emotions will eventually manifest in some form of dis-ease in the body. 
          5.  Saying no to others is saying yes to yourself.  Tackle  tolerations, i.e., people, places and situations that siphon your energy.     
          6.  Meditate to practice expanding the spaces  between your thoughts.  This connects you to yourself and will help curb mental chatter.
          7.  Create physical  space  in your body through  stretching which releases stress, tension and tightness.                     
          8.  To encourage spontaneity, leave some white  space  on your calendar.
Kater Leatherman teaches yoga and is a home stager, professional organizer and  space  solutions expert.   Her book, “MOVING ON:  One Woman’s Quest to Create S P A C E  for Change,  is available for purchase at


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