Choosing Where to Retire

Five Possibilities to Consider

  1. Move into a retirement community and take advantage of the wonderful recreational opportunities which can include like minded friends, varied excursions, recreation, entertainment, and someone else mows the lawn.  Most retirement communities offer as much companionship and fun as you care to take part in.
  2. Sell it all.  Buy an RV or that boat you’ve always wanted.  Move in and consider it temporary if it makes you more comfortable, then go ahead and enjoy a year or two of carefree travel, maybe even discovering the perfect retirement location.
  3. Pack up and move near the kids and grandkids – but have a chat first to be sure they’re going to stay put and that they’ll welcome the move.
  4. Consider having two smaller homes in two very different locations. Perhaps a small condo in Florida and a summer cottage on Cape Cod or Maine.
  5. Stay put.  Maybe right where you are is as close to ideal as it’s going to get. But consider scaling down to something smaller for a more carefree lifestyle.

The options are endless and now that you have the time, what are you waiting for? Consider the options and choose the one that will fit your life style remembering that nothing has to be permanent.  For more help in making your decision go to

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