The Power of Intention
By Kater Leatherman
          What if the circumstances in our lives are less about luck and more about intention? 
          In order to attract something to our lives, we have to ask for it.  Beyond asking for what we want from others (most people aren’t mind readers), we can also “place our order” with God or the universe or whatever you choose to call this power greater than yourself.   Think of it as raising your spiritual “antenna” so that ”it” will know how to support you. 
          If this idea warrants some getting used to, try this:  Ask yourself what it is that you want to attract more of in your life.  It might be peace, humor, grace, joy, living in the moment, ease, compassion for others, patience, etc.  Now, once you have selected your intention, match the feeling to the word.  This will help to anchor it in your body.         
          Here’s how it works.  Let’s say you choose patience as your intention.  You proceed to go about your day and, before you know it, find yourself in a challenging situation with a difficult person.  Or, you may end up standing in a long line or having to shift through a barrage of prompts to get to a real person on the phone.  If you remember your intention, it will help shift your perspective and bring you back into alignment with your center.  
          You may decide to select your intention first thing in the morning.   It can be for the day, for the week, or for the next hour if needed.  Of course, you can change your intention at any time.  There are no rules. 
          Remember, words are powerful in how they shape our thoughts and see the world around us.  So, have fun.  Living with intention just might change your life.
Kater Leatherman teaches yoga and is a home stager, professional organizer and  space  solutions expert.   Her book, “MOVING ON:  One Woman’s Quest to Create S P A C E  for Change,  is available for purchase at


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