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That’s a Load of Manure!

What a Load of Manure! By Melissa Conroy Some enterprising soul discovered long ago that the manure animals so generously produce make soil rich, fertile and perfect for growing crops. People have been using manure to fertilize their fields and gardens for thousands of years, and even today many gardeners eagerly visit their local stable […]

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Hands Free

TechKnow Challenge  Hands Free By Cindy Rott           Those of us born back when the only phone in the house was attached to the wall and had a rotary dial now find ourselves searching for a hands-free option for our cell phones.  Recently passed legislation in Maryland that requires hands-free operation of cell phones in […]

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Getting Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Getting Comfortable in Your  Own Skin             By Andrea Lichtenstein    Today it seems like there are hundreds of skin care products on the market. How do you choose which is best for your skin? What about the myriad of treatments and facials? It can be overwhelming to navigate through all of the products and […]

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Will Your Executor Thank You?

Will Your Executor Thank You? By Barbara Eilertsen           Most people assume that the job of executor is an easy one.  Only when they hire an attorney do they realize the extent of the responsibilities. website testing . Attorneys stress the importance of choosing the right person because the job of executor can be overwhelming. […]

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Creating Emotional Space

  CREATING EMOTIONAL SPACE By Kater Leatherman     Emotional clutter includes unresolved grief and anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety, guilt, shame and resentment.  These feelings need to be heard, nurtured and allowed the  space  to unfold. If we don’t acknowledge and feel them, they will either get projected onto others or turned inward.      Many of […]

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There be Dragons

BAY VIEW  Words from the desk             There be dragons.  Or so it warned in Latin near the eastern coast of Asia on the early 16th century Lenox globe. When there was no clear definition or knowledge of what was out past where explorers and adventurers had gone, those words were believed by many people, […]

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eCourtesy By Penelope Folsom Did you ever wonder why computers don’t come with etiquette instruction books that would remind us of the day-to-day courtesies that our mothers taught us.  Well, in the absence of your mother looking over your shoulder, here are a dozen quick and easy rules that will endear you to your e-mail […]

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Cosmetics Claima: Truth or Fiction?

  COSMETICS CLAIMS:  TRUTH OR FICTION? By Louise Whiteside           “Look 20 years younger in just two weeks!”           “Have beautiful, blemish-free skin after just 10 days of using our product!”           “Your lips will look luscious, moist and pouty.”           “Have mysterious, longer, seductive-looking lashes.”           In newspapers and magazines, on radio and television, […]

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Try Charitable Strategies of the Wealthy

TRY CHARITABLE STRATEGIES OF THE WEALTHY By Wayne B. Zussman           Warren Buffett, along with Bill and Melinda Gates, have challenged the nation’s billionaires to give away at least half their net worth. To date, the Gates have given $14.5 billion to fund vaccines. Along with Warren Buffett, who says he will donate 99 percent […]

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So Many Books, So Little Time

SO MANY BOOKS, SO LITTLE TIME By Maureen Smith Where would I be without book clubs? It seems that has been the one constant wherever my travels have taken me. Currently I’m an active member of The Naval Academy Women’s Club (NAWC) First Friday Book Group, which has reached an impressive milestone, celebrating its 30th […]

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Bird is the Word

Bird is the Word! Add Beauty to Your Backyard by Attracting Birds to Visit By Leah Lancione Birds add beauty and excitement to an outdoor landscape with their distinctive chirps and songs and colorful feathers. During the late winter and early spring these small creatures need help from you when food is scarce. By taking […]

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Ask the Undertaker

ASK THE UNDERTAKER By Ryan Helfenbein What Exactly Do You Do? A few weeks ago I returned home from an out-of-state conference. While traveling I had conversations with individuals on the plane, at the airport and even in the cab. Undoubtedly, the common question would come up, “Are you here for business or pleasure?” […]