Taskrabbit Hops to It

By Mary Wright

With just 24 hours in a day, we could all use a helping hand to get more things done. Have you ever wished you had help to complete your daily chores or to help run the occasional errand? If so, there is a new crop of services to help you get more done.

Taskrabbit is a marketplace for people who accept freelance assignments. On this site, you can find freelancers to accomplish almost any task imaginable. From simple carpentry work to installing a new air conditioner, the chances are high that you will find someone to help. After registering on the site, posting a task is fast and easy. The website has a wizard that walks you through a few simple steps. First, you will be asked to give your task a title. After entering the title, you will enter a short description. The description is where you will tell the freelancer exactly what you need to be done. Next, you will enter the date and time in which the task should be performed. You will then pick a price or leave the price open and accept bids. Hit enter and you are only moments away from getting responses from helpful individuals near you.

After you wade through your responses and select the best candidate for the job, that person’s contact information will be made available to you. It’s that simple! Good communication (either by phone or email) is important. A great aspect of using this site is the ability to only pay after the task is completed successfully.

The types of chores and errands range from getting yard or garden work done to grocery shopping and small deliveries. You can “hire” someone to help plan your next big vacation or walk your dog. The freelancers are rated on their previous performances and you can read reviews written by people who have used their services. No task is too big or too small to request. Examples of tasks requested include: getting a house painted or picking up and delivering a cup of coffee. When it comes to pricing, payments vary and freelancers place bids on work they would like to help complete. As the person who needs the work done, you will get to view all the bids and determine which price is right for your budget. This is a great way to control costs and still get the job done by a qualified individual. As an extra bonus, Taskrabbit performs a background check on all of the freelancers who sign up with the service.

Taskrabbit currently operates in nine areas in addition to going “virtual” when it’s not necessary to physically meet as in the case of computer assistance. Another similar service, GoferNYC, is also available in the New York City area. GoferDC is coming soon to the Washington, D.C., area. This service also allows you to post tasks and hire competent and local individuals to help you get things done. Of course, if you have free time on your hands, you can also sign up to complete tasks for others. It’s a great way to make money and a great way to save money and time while getting more done. Both services are affordable and helpful. You can view Taskrabbit.com or GoferNYC.com for more details.

Mary is a writer and author who enjoys traveling and cooking. Follow her @ MatchmakerMary

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