Mark and Carole owned a lovely home in Annapolis where they raised their daughter. Over the years, the parties and get-togethers they hosted become legendary. They amassed an impressive array of pieces to throw their parties — everything from dishware for a formal gathering of 20 to outdoor furniture to comfortably seat 30. They had many dear friends in the area and truly enjoyed entertaining throughout the year.

As retirement approached, Mark and Carole began to seriously think about their future living situation. Should they stay in their Annapolis home, move to Tennessee to be near their daughter and her family or follow their dream of living by Florida’s golden sands?

When retirement came, Mark and Carole just couldn’t make an absolute final decision so they chose two of the three options. Spending time in Tennessee had been made easier when their daughter and husband bought a house with an in-law suite solely for their use. So, they kept the Annapolis house and bought a one-level condo in Naples where they spent long weekends. Carole and Mark truly enjoyed finding and decorating their Naples home with finds from the area.

Retirement was falling into place until the accident. Out sailing with friends, Mark slipped on the deck and badly fractured his hip. After surgery and rehab, Mark found the family home that had been perfect for so long was now difficult to navigate. The main bedroom had to be moved to the dining room on the ground floor along with other practical modifications to accommodate Mark’s now more limited mobility.

As Mark continued to slowly improve, Carole felt overwhelmed taking care of the Annapolis home without his help. And she was anxious about their next trip to Naples. Their condo was on one level but the travel to and from would now be more difficult. After much soul-searching and discussion with friends, they decided keeping their large Annapolis house was just not necessary.

Having made the decision to sell their Annapolis house, the couple had to deal with the fact they had two homes and a lot of stuff. They needed help. Carole reached out to a local senior move manager who put together a plan and a manageable time frame. The team leader arranged for the mover, real estate agent, handyman and landscaper to meet with the couple so their needs could be discussed.

Then the senior move manager worked with Carole and Mark to decide just what they would take to Florida. A floor plan of the condo was made so the couple could visualize exactly what more might fit and decisions made on what would be sold. The couple decided to sell all the entertaining pieces they had collected along with no longer necessary yard equipment — especially snow shovels! Most cold-weather clothing was shipped to their in-law suite at their daughter’s home in Tennessee.

Carole and Mark’s house sold very quickly and their move went off without a hitch. Once they left, the senior move company began the estate sale setup with pictures taken and advertising placed. A big success, the estate sale proceeds helped Carole and Mark cover some of the cost of their move. After the estate sale, a clear-out service took the remaining items to donations centers and sent Carole and Mark the donation receipts. With help, Carole and Mark are now enjoying a new life chapter in one lovely home with a lot LESS stuff.

The owner of Chesapeake Transitions, Marilyn Leek is a Certified Senior Move Manager who has been providing support and guidance for Maryland seniors and their families for over a decade.

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