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What’s Your Password? Wait, Don’t Tell Me!

By Penelope Folsom

We’re all well aware that there is no guarantee that our passwords will ever be completely safe, regardless of where they’re being stored. We’ve been told that it’s a bad idea to record them on an index card in your wallet, tape them to the side of your computer, keep a list on refrigerator next to the grocery list or jot them in an address book in your desk. There is the option to memorize them. But who hasn’t run into that great void in memory when it comes time to log onto a not-often used account.

There is, however, a way to store them online that could make it just a bit easier to keep track of and access all those elusive names and numbers. Try It just may be what you’ve been looking for. It’s free, has more storage than you’ll likely use, and although not guaranteed, it could well be one of the safer places to store your information for ease of access. The site will not only store vital information, but will help you set up secure passwords.

Other possibilities for storage online include and and lastly,  Any of these may work for you and would be worth looking into. But keep in mind that regardless of the promised security on any of these sites, there is no 100 percent guarantee that anything is completely safe from being “hacked.” It is simply an orderly and more secure way of keeping passwords in one location, especially helpful when travelling.





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