Don’t Leave Home Without These Necessities

By Penelope Folsom

Going on a trip? Even for a short jaunt of just a few days by car, train or flying off to somewhere exotic, there are a few must have items that you won’t regret including in your easily-accessible-take-with-you bag.

  • Address book that includes email addresses and coded in passwords. This will prove invaluable when you draw a blank while standing in front of the ATM machine.
  • A Kindle or iPad or other device for online reading.
  • Small notebook with pen and pencil.
  • Paper map of your destination. There are times when the big picture just seems to work better. This in addition to your GPS or on line MapQuest.
  • Personal size book light for low light areas or download the  “flashlight” app on your iPhone.
  • Cell phone with recharge wire and/or connector. Your camera can be packed elsewhere as pictures can easily be taken with iPhone.
  • Easy to eat snack food such as granola bars. These may have to be purchased along with any beverage after going through security if checking in at an airport.
  • Magazines and paperback books that you’ve been meaning to get to.

After finishing, why cart them back home -leave them behind for

someone else to enjoy.

  • Business cards with your contact information – you never know who you may meet. 

With the delays that we all encounter these few items will make your journey just a bit more comfortable and enjoyable. And, if you’re flying off to somewhere wonderful, you’ll find it worthwhile to check with the airport to determine current TSA rules regarding required identification and allowable carry-on’s. Log onto


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