An Appeal for TechKnow Etiquette
By Edree Downing

     Imagine having to dish out advice on proper phone etiquette. Remember back when courtesy was the norm? No longer. And it’s not only your granddaughter who fails to exercise elementary civility. How about talking on the phone in movie theaters, restaurants and anywhere that you’re standing in line? Imagine enjoying an evening out and either your dinner companion or the fellow at the next table decides to have a lengthy conversation on his cell, which you’re part of whether you choose to be or not.
    Recently we treated a young family member to a day at a football game with his friends and were more than surprised when he spent most of his time texting and little time interacting with his three friends and even less time enjoying the game. It’s so out of control that it’s now a misdemeanor if your local police officer catches you on the phone while driving. website hosting information . This is no doubt a good thing, as it’s probably saved a few lives.
A few rules to share with loved ones on the new etiquette.
  1. Turn the phone off or to vibrate when in public places. It disturbs only you if it vibrates and even then, some phones have an annoying buzz that accompanies the vibration.
  2. If you must take the call, answer with, “One moment please.” Excuse yourself and step outside.
  3. There should be no texting while enjoying the company of friends and family. None! Again, if it’s absolutely necessary, step outside or into another room.
  4. iPods are the bane of every adult’s existence, especially when a young person bops through the room, ear plugs firmly in place, oblivious to what is being said or who is speaking to him. Use of this little electronic wonder should be used only when you are alone.
  5. Last summer when my friend visited, she spent most of her time reading a book on her Kindle. It was difficult to get her attention and I was actually thankful when the visit came to an end, having spent so little time chatting with her.
  6. Now there’s also the iPad that we have to contend with. It’s small enough to fit in anyone’s purse or briefcase and therefore is always there. If you’re at a social event why don’t you turn it off and enjoy those around you.
     And surprise, studies are now showing that the current generation is lacking in social skills because of a lack of face-to-face interaction. What about all the good conversations you’re missing and potential friends who are being turned off. So put away the gadgets and realize there just aren’t that many emergencies that require you to be plugged in for hours on end. Get back to the enjoyment of face-to-face conversations. There’s really nothing more satisfying.

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