Caring for a Loved One? Do They Need Short-Term Rehab Care? 

or Respite Care?

                                                                                                                                    By Gladys J. Smith 

            Do you have a loved one soon to be discharged from the hospital who needs temporary in-patient rehabilitative care? Do you think that you’ll have to miss your family vacation because you cannot leave a loved one at home alone? Perhaps you are a caregiver who needs surgery and are at a loss as to where mom and dad could be safely cared for during your own recovery period. There are facilities in theChesapeakearea that provide post hospitalization short-term rehab stays. Many communities provide a full range of services including physical, occupational and speech therapy which are eligible for coverage under Medicare.           

            Respite care, which features short-term stays designed for the comfort, enjoyment and attentive care of your loved one, is a service that is a lifesaver to the many caregivers who desperately need a reprieve. Many of the respite care communities offer stays of up to 30 days or more, often with a specified minimum. The price for respite care varies by community. Some have a flat fee per diem price, while others charge a rate that is commensurate with the level of care that will be provided. Try to book your reservation as soon as you have specific dates in mind as space is usually limited.           

            Here are some tips for using rehabilitative or respite care: Plan ahead. Obtain the paperwork necessary from your loved one’s primary care physician. Meet with the facility’s staff early to make reservations and to determine what paperwork needs to be signed. Be sure that the advance directives and the power of attorney are all up to date with copies available for the facility.  Plan to bring comfortable clothes as typically there is a full schedule of activities, in which the guest may choose to participate. Comfortable clothing will also allow them to easily engage in the exercises they will partake in if they are there to receive physical and occupational therapy. 

            Although it may take a couple of days to acclimate to the new surroundings, guests almost always enjoy their stay and look forward to return visits. There have been many instances where the individual had such a pleasant experience that they’ve chosen to return to the facility to stay full-time, thus simplifying the job of the caretaker in transitioning their relative into a retirement community. 

            Now take a deep breath and relax knowing that your loved one is in capable, caring hands. 

Gladys Smith can be reached at BayWoods of Annapolis 443-837-0025 or [email protected]




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