Websites Help with Your Lingering To-do List

By Leah Lancione

What can be done when your pesky to-do list just keeps growing and there’s no time or capability to get things done? There’s relief on the Internet, which hosts countless Web-based companies devoted to help you get particularly annoying tasks done. Tasks can range from simple errands or chores like grocery shopping or lawn care to substantial home repairs or installations. Websites don’t just stop there, because there are freelancers providing services that range from business and marketing solutions to spam removal, website maintenance and travel planning. 

TaskRabbit (

Created in 2008, TaskRabbit is “an online and mobile marketplace that connects neighbors to get things done.”  With the slogan “here to save the day,” TaskRabbit unites people who need some form of assistance with background-checked and entrepreneur-minded individuals who offer their time and expertise for an agreed-upon price which is paid upon successful completion of the task. TaskRabbit also assumes (from the seller) a 20 percent service fee on each task completed. Users can select the “task rabbit” of their choice or have the service make the selection for them. Tasks can be arranged as recurring and even be completed by the same “task rabbit” if you prefer.

Assist U (

For more than 15 years the online company Assist U has trained administrative assistants to become virtual assistants (VAs) to overcommitted business owners. “Imagine there’s a person whose passion in her own business is to climb into your business—learning you, your work, and your life.” Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s real. The company claims to certify (through two respected industry certifications) VAs to help business owners—whether home-based or other small businesses—get things in order and accomplish goals. VAs can handle everything from database management, sales and Internet marketing to order processing and other administrative responsibilities. The site defines a professional Assist U VA as “a micro business owner who provides administrative and personal support to clients in long-term and deeply collaborative relationships.”

Fiverr (

Fiverr is an online site and self-proclaimed “world’s largest marketplace for services starting at five dollars.” Looking for a stylish flyer or party invitation, ideas for your blog or memoir or even someone to sing happy birthday to your designated recipient? Well, Fiverr can provide these as well as other random and unique services. To get started, select the service of your choice from the categories, place an order, track the progress and then pay and make a review. Categories include graphics and design, online marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, advertising, business, lifestyle and even fun and bizarre and gifts. You can also sign up to sell your talents or expert service. (

Similar to Fiverr,, which acquired the company, enables users to rent a freelancer for as little as $3. This online marketplace outsources jobs by freelancers for small businesses and even corporations. Registration for the site is free and you can log in with your email and a password or connect through social media like Twitter or Facebook. Categories range from business, technology and advertising, to graphics, recipes and cooking, social marketing, travel, writing and translation and even one called fun and crazy (think digital caricatures or card trick tips). There is even a category for dating where services range from marriage and relationship advice to virtual companions.

5 Dollar Gigs (

This is yet another online marketplace that unites people who can provide a service or product for an affordable price. Listings, or “gigs,” range from $5 to $100 depending on the service being provided. Those offering a service can publicize as many gigs as they want and aren’t charged the 20 percent fee until they sell their product or talent. The site offers virtually the same categories as the previous websites. 5 Dollar Gigs will also step in to settle a dispute if a service or product rendered is not up to par or what you expected. Gigs are paid for via PayPal. (www.3to30com)

According to its website, “ is the biggest online small jobs marketplace to buy and sell small services from $3 to $30.” The site claims to be a completely secure platform for buyers to acquire business from freelancers or service providers.  Featured in Forbes and other media outlets, authorizes freelancers to publicize their talents, no matter how sizable or silly. The site allows numerous payment options including PayPal and money bookers to ensure a speedier and smoother transaction. also lets sellers post up to 20 jobs and won’t charge the 20 percent commission fee until the order is delivered. To protect users’ privacy, all information is kept secure and use of email addresses, phone numbers, usernames or any other type of personal contact information is not permitted. All communication is done via the order page—the online space provided to the user and seller to conduct business transactions.

So, take your pick, choose the site that appeals to you most, and seek the help you need to get that to-do list whittled down.

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