The Longest Journey Begins with the First Step …

By Edree Downing

Have you heard enough about all the wonderful benefits of exercise? Are you ready to get out there and actually do it? You know all the stats – if we’d just do a couple of hours each week, we’d all live long enough to be a burden to our children. But more importantly, wouldn’t you like to be part of a group that is aware of the lasting and lifelong benefits of physical fitness and that is also having lots of fun?

There are many fitness organizations in the area, which just might make this exercise business a whole lot more enjoyable than you expected. If it’s not listed below, try for even more, and if a particular sport or location or time doesn’t work on your schedule, will help you to start your own group.

Below is a partial list of groups that would love to have you join them for fun and adventure. You’ll likely discover new areas, create new friendships and even get started on that elusive fitness program you’ve been thinking about.

There’s also a website if you’re interested in obtaining more information on healthful exercise for the mature body:

So go ahead, get started. There isn’t a better time of year to get out there and take that first step. 


Annapolis Biking Club

Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts, Inc. 


Mountain Club of Maryland

Appalachian Mountain Club 


Chesapeake Paddlers Association

Annapolis Irish Rowing Club 


Annapolis Striders 


Annapolis Area Tennis School

Anne Arundel County Tennis Association 


Annapolis Amblers Walking Club 


Maryland Volkssport Association (walking, biking, swimming)

Mid-Maryland Triathlon Club  (triathlon)

Senior Olympics (all sports)

Trail Riders of Today (horseback riding)

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