• Everyone makes mistakes, usually a lot of them. Make the most of yours. Learn from them, lick your wounds and then get back out there and try again. (It’s said that Edison failed over 1,000 times.) 
  • Trust but verify. Too many undocumented “facts” are being thrown around out there. Before believing or trusting what you’ve read or heard, find a reputable source to confirm. 
  • Second opinions show good judgment not distrust, be it the requirement for a new roof, a medical procedure or a car repair. 
  • Listen, listen, listen. How else will you learn? As a good listener, you’ll be considered fascinating! Go figure, but try it! 
  • Compliment those around you, they’ll never forget you. 
  • Give an unexpected gift. It needn’t be large, it can be just to share freshly baked cookies, just-picked tomatoes or an interesting book. 
  • Unless your input is requested, zip it. It’s your opinion. If not asked to share it, keep it to yourself. 
  • At the end of the day, think of five things that you did well rather than reviewing what didn’t work out. Pat yourself on the back for the good that you did whether it was completing a task, creating something new, offering assistance to someone or just staying out of mischief for a day. 
  • Whenever possible, smile. There’s too much unhappiness surrounding us. Smiling seems to make it so much better for both you and those around you. 
  • Enjoy every minute – it could all be over tomorrow. 
  • Accept what you know can’t be changed. Make peace with it and move on. 
  • Take time at the end of the day to breath and be still. Preferably,  spend some time outside in the quiet of the evening air. Pause for just a few minutes, look up and maybe give some thought to saying thanks.



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