How to Make New Friends

Five Quick Tips

1.Join a group such as a golf club, church group, club specific to your special interest, or a local organization such as one that represents your political party. Whatever you’re currently interested in, there’s bound to be a group to join. If a group can’t be found, why not start one on

2.Frequent the same place, be it a senior center, sailing club, sports group or lecture series. There’ll be repeat encounters. You’ll have something in common and it will be easier to start up a conversation.

3.Walk through your neighborhood. You’re sure to meet someone who you can start chatting with. You both live in the same neighborhood – you have that in common.

4.Volunteer. The list is endless. Do you like kids, animals, assisting with patients in hospitals, the great outdoors, the Bay? Log onto or on the Eastern Shore at for an extensive list of activities that are sure to peak your interest.

5.Take a class that’s always interested you. You’ll have something in common right off with fellow students. And, of course, always keep an eye on your local newspaper for happenings in your area.


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