1.You actually have a few hours that you can call your own, which allows you to pursue whatever leisure activities you choose, be it reading the newspaper through half the morning or taking the time to finish either writing or reading that book you’ve promised yourself.

2.There’s time now to pursue a dream that you’ve never had time for before, such as learning a new language or taking an art course that you’ve always been curious about. There’s even time now to explore opening your own business, the one that you’ve had in the back of your mind all these years.

3.You’ve developed your own style of doing things such as how to dress, what you choose to eat, how you decorate or undecorate your home and even what car you drive or vacation spots you choose. You’re comfortable with your decisions and don’t care what the world thinks.

4.You know stuff, lots of stuff. You’re the ideal partner in a game of Trivial Pursuit. You’ve witnessed so much of history that you’re somewhat of an expert now, even though not everyone may be interested in your vast store of knowledge.

5.If there were children, they are now for the most part, grown and gone. Good, bad or indifferent, you did the best you could. You can now sit back and enjoy them and their lives and families.

6.Decisions come easier. You’ve been there, done it. You now have the experience to make quick decisions which are usually the right ones for you. That doesn’t mean that we still don’t agonize over the occasional decision, but now it’s easier.

7.There’s a good chance you’ll be happier and more content as most of the big stuff is behind you. What’s done is done and now is the time to enjoy your accomplishments or move on from life’s aggravations.

8.You’re protective of your time; you want to make it count. It’s easier than ever to say “no” when you just plain don’t want to do something, be it volunteering for the bake sale or taking care of a kid’s dog.

9.It’s an age of finally being comfortable and accepting of who you are. You’re not perfect, but you’ve gotten comfortable in your own skin and accept the person you’ve become.

10. Lastly, you made it to the ripe old age of whatever. You’ve probably made a few nice contributions along the way, maybe even more than you’re aware of. And if not, there’s still time.


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