The OutLook staff put together a list of a dozen different but fun gifts, which any of us would love to find tucked under our tree on Christmas morning. To make Santa’s job a bit easier, we’ve even included websites to find some of these treasures.

1.    A birdfeeder, preferably squirrel–proof, and birdseed. A good bird identification book to go with it would be even more of a treat.

2.    So many of us are now travelers, a scale to weigh luggage would be very handy.

3.    Fruit delivered fresh to our door once a month for a year.

4.    A basket filled with different coffees or teas.

5.    A magazine subscription focusing on a special interest: Conde Nast Traveler, Sailing World or Cooking Light

6.    Membership to the AACCA concert series

7.    A gift card offering two hours of the gift giver’s specific talent: computer instructions, gourmet cooking, piano lessons or kayaking.

8.    So many of us are curious about yoga but haven’t done it yet.  How about a gift certificate to an introductory class?

9.    A gift box focused on a particular interest such as cookie baking, (mixes, cookie cutters, cookbook, sprinkles), gardening, (seed packets, hand tools), or for the beginning or wannabe knitter (needles, yarn, instruction book).  

10.  Tickets to a local theater or

11.  A book on best hikes or bike trails in Maryland

12.  And then for when we’re not out there getting our daily dose of exercise, a one-year subscription to Netflix, which allows a choice of two or three DVDs to watch per month


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